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Dominican Sisters of Houston
Death Penalty - September and October
July 05, 2011

In December 1997, the Dominican Sisters took a corporate stance against the Death Penalty, which reads in part, "As women of faith, we believe in the sanctity of human life and in a merciful and forgiving God who offers the opportunity for redemption, change, and growth. Our compassion goes out to those victims and their families who suffer at the hands of accused and/or convicted criminals. However, we believe that the Death Penalty is an inappropriate response that seems to encourage a culture of violence."

On the evenings of executions in Texas the sisters gather in the chapel at 4:45 p.m. for prayers for the victims and their families and for those who are about to be executed for the crimes.

Execution Schedule:
July 7-Humberto Leal
July 20-Mark Stroman
August 10-Martin Robles
August 23-Randall Mays
August 30-Ivan Cantu
September 13-Steven Woods
September 15-Duane Buck
September 21 Lawrence Brewer