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Dominican Sisters of Houston
Fair Trade
June 20, 2014
"Fair Trade Houston is a collaboration of local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals that want to see Houston take a stand against human trafficking and other forms of injustice in our supply chain. To make this happen we are promoting that people, businesses, and the government support and use Fair Trade products as this labeling process is currently the only way that we can be assured as consumers that the product is slave-free and respects the producer who made it. One of the last steps in our work to be declared a Fair Trade Town is for the City of Houston to pass a Fair Trade procurement policy. This non-binding policy recognizes that the government is a consumer in the same vein as the citizens and is an opportunity for Houston to be the first city in the country to take a real stand against injustice. It simply states that when it is available and affordable, the city will purchase Fair Trade products over their non-Fair Trade competitors. The added benefits include that most Fair Trade items are made or distributed by locally owned and operated companies which puts Houston businesses first, and also that most of the vendors the city uses already offer Fair Trade products so little to no additional work will be necessary to be successful. If we are able to accomplish this, Houston will be the second largest Fair Trade Town in the US and will set a tremendous example for the country and the world that we will not tolerate slavery or injustice either within our borders or in the products we use.  Members of the Fair Trade Town Houston committee are working with the Mayor and City Council to make this happen.  To learn where you can purchase Fair Trade Products go to and click take action and the Fair Trade then shopping guide.