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Dominican Sisters of Houston
August 03, 2016
Corporate Stance

The Dominican Sisters of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart, Houston, Texas, are committed to the Spirit of St. Dominic.  The Dominican Order at its inception encompassed the risk that accompanies new modes of ministry that each age of human history demands.  The Constitution of this congregation encourages “the preaching and teaching of the Word when there are people in need.”  Today, the need of oppressed people of El Salvador and Guatemala seeking refuge in the U.S. cry out to the compassion exemplified in the life of Jesus whom we profess to follow.  As authentic preachers and teachers of the Word, we must respond to the challenge of the Word, adapting our ministry to the current needs in the church and in the world.

Therefore, we, the Dominican Sisters of Sacred Heart Convent, Houston, Texas, in  spirit of Dominic and Catherine, openly express at this time our compassion for our suffering sisters and brothers who come to us fleeing the persecution and injustices of El Salvador and Guatemala.  As women committed to preaching and teaching the Word, we declare and offer public sanctuary to refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala.

As women dedicated to the gospel of peace, we seriously question the current U.S. policy of military intervention in Central America.

Finally, we believe that our U.S. government should grant political asylum to these refugees in accord with the United Nation Convention and Protocol Relating to Refugees as adopted by the U.S. Refugee Act of 1980.