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Dominican Sisters of Houston
Dominican Call to Justice
April 02, 2013

The North American Dominican Justice Promoters respond to the call for justice in our world today. Engaging in issues using the pastoral model of seeing, judging, and acting, we preach with the eyes, mind, and heart of who we are.  In solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world, and recognizing the need to address the global impact of climate change and its ramification for all justice issues, we commit to study, advocate and act in the following areas:

 Climate Justice

 Economic Justice

 Human Trafficking


Peace and Security for All Life

We call our Dominican sisters and brothers to join us in this effort.  As members of the world-wide Dominican Family, we advocate for justice through our ministries, through our presence at the United Nations, and through our corporate socially responsible investing.  We collaborate with all who seek a more just and sustainable world.